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Our Windows are More Energy Efficient

It's important that your windows are both visually attractive and secure. But it's also crucial that they save you money on your heating bills by being energy efficient. Windows with Energy Ratings are the most technically superior glazing solutions available for your home today the higher the U value the more you save with your energy bills.
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The cross section shows how Liniars multi-chambered profile prevents the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside.

To measure the effectiveness of our windows, we use a WER rating (Window Energy Rating) developed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), which is the UK's nationally recognised scheme for measuring window energy efficiency.

The rating system grades window performance based on letters from 'G' for the worst performing window up to 'A' as the best performing window. Since introducing the rating windows have improved dramatically so the BFRC have added a further score for the best performing windows by adding a number to the A to create an A1 rated window for example. Anything above an A10 becomes A+ and in October 2015 the BFRC introduced the A++ rating for windows that achieve higher than A20. All Southeast Windows are A+13 as standard with an option of A++ incredible U-value of 0.8 W/m2K when manufactured with triple glazing - achieving Passivhaus standard and creating a carbon neutral dwelling. The uniquely designed six-chambered Energy Plus system not only prevents the transfer of cold air from outside to in, it outperforms the highest energy performance standards currently in existence.

windows_seal A typical kitchen window measuring 1600 mm x 1100mm with a 5mm gap all round for movement and expansion. If you leave the gap around this window uninsulated you may as well leave a hole 140mm x 50mm in the window. This is the size of a new iPhone! Imagine a hole in the window this size? The window industry standard way of finishing a window is to use expanding foam around the perimeter and seal with a Silicon/low modules sealant or a flexible trim to hide any unsightly dodgy finish. This type of window sealing method means loss of heat from edge seal approximate U-value of 2.8 w/m k giving minimal sound proofing. So, you have spent all your hard-earned money on a superior A+ window and the perimeter seal is letting you down.

The tape is stuck on to the frame before installation and expands to fill the gap around the frame expanding from 2mm to 8mm, sealing the gap and reducing the energy leak out of the window area. No silicones or trims needed - and now included in GGF "Good practice Guide" BS 8213-4:2016.

1) Reduced heat loss from edge seal U value of 1.2 w/mk2 sound reduction.
2) Uniform colour to weather proof against driving rain to a force 11 storm.
3) Guaranteed for 10 years no splitting of edge seal due to unique expanding sealant.
sealing window tape tape applications 3 Joint sealing tape that has 3 level sealing for windows and doors.
For more information about our energy efficent windows or if you would like a no obligation quote to replace your upvc windows, call our friendly team today.
we install super energy efficient upvc windows throughout essex view of window frame after energy efficient seal has been applied view of window frame after energy efficient seal has been applied All you see is a shadow around the frame after the foam has expanded, with the foam following the contours of the brickwork perfectly and with no silicon lines leaving you a waterproof and sound proof finish, guaranteed UV stable for ten years’ life expectancy 25 years. Where silicone would eventually lose the seal over time, win2wall creates a total seal always.
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