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Romford: 01708 202 457
London East: 020 8472 4088
London South: 0203 856 6667
London North: 0203 856 6669

Replacement Porch Builders London

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Replacement porch in London and Essex
Porch Builders London
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Porch Builder London.
We understand the importance of your home features and character and ensure that we create and build the best porch for your home. We can make porches from a variety of brick and stone materials to blend nicely into its surrounding area.

Your new porch will give you an extra layer of security at your front door, and save you energy by insulating the entrance to your home utilising Energy saving double glazing windows. A new porch can protect against the elements while removing your shoes, finding your keys or provide a place to put the shopping before entering the main house.

We offer the complete service from building the base the traditional way or using the Durabase system matching existing brickwork right down to fitting of the very best Composite Doors, Energy Rated Windows, and with a large selection of Roof Styles and Tiles to choose from we are confident you will be happy with the results.

You can build a porch on the front of your property without obtaining planning permission, as long as you follow specific rules:

1) No part of the porch can be taller than 3m to the top of the tiles.
2) It cannot be within 2m of any boundary adjacent to a highway.
3) The ground area (measured externally) does not exceed 3m sq.
4) The porch does not protrude more than 1 metre
5) Your home is a Listed Building.

Based on the regulations the maximum size is 1-metre projection X 2-metre wide anything required over this will need planning permission.

The average price for a half brick wall with a Composite door and a tiled roof is 5K other options can reduce the cost.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us; you can rest assured that we will provide you with a beautiful porch built to match and compliment your property.

Realistic price for a quality product.

Call Today for Your No Obligation Free Quotation.
East London: 020 8472 4088 (head office)
South London: 0203 856 6667
North London: 0203 856 6669
Romford: 01708 202 457

Or email us southeastwindows@gmail.com with your requirements For more info.
We install superb front doors in essex
Brick or UPVC
We can build you porch out of solid brick or quality upvc profile which matches your windows.
Lighting or any other appliance that requires a permanent electricity source, our certified electricians will take of it.
Plastering and Decorating
We also take care of the plastering and decorating leaving nothing but a finished quality porch.

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