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Durabase London

No need to dig large footings, Reducing waste and mess on site.

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Building for the Future.

Building for the Future.

Its quicker, cleaner, cost-effective and more straight forward to install than traditional building techniques. Durabase is also covered with the manufacturers 25-year guarantee and is If that were not enough. Durabase Plus is JHAI single story approved and going through extensive product testing for two-story height so you can avoid needless building control issues which can delay your Extension or Conservatory build.

You choose your foundation base construction option for either a Durabase conservatory or JHAI approved Durabase Plus system both can be built quickly and easily on pad foundations. Once the steel frame base been installed, real brick modular walls can be put together in a matter of hours even fire rated walls all picked from a large choice of coloured bricks and texture finishes.

Can cause complexities if access to the rear of the property is limited and reduced parking outside the property and other restrictions that can occur. As well as the need to have further employees on site to help with multiple deliveries at stages of the build is also dependent on numerous product deliveries turning up sometimes on time turning homes into building sites as all products, Sand, Cement, Bricks, etc. have to be carried through your property and stored until required. You can also experience hold-ups due to wet and cold weather whereas Durabase can be installed in one day depending on size and location.

Once your Durabase structure is down working can start immediately, building your Conservatory or Extension saving time and money an essential factor for budget-conscious homeowners.

Durabase arrives in kit form the only foundations required are some concrete pads placed at strategic points around the proposed area. Requiring far less excavation work either by hand or a mini digger less waste material to dispose of in skips. No pumping tons of C20/25 concrete mix into the footings and waiting to set before building work can start up to DPC level. No specialist tradesperson or bricklayers are required. The Modular walls are bricked and mortared before they are delivered to site.

When work is required in tight spaces, traditional foundations would need deeper excavation Durabase can work around existing structures without the need for expensive relocating of manholes or drains. Durabase will naturally span the drain and access can be gained via a trap-door and removable floor joist, built in during fabrication.

JHAI are independent building control inspectors.

Step 1 - A minimum of 5 days before starting to build your extension/Conservatory we submit your application form to JHAL

Step 2 - An inspection will be made once we have dug your foundation holes this is to check depth and locations are correct.

Step 3 - Another visit will be made during the pre-plaster stage ensuring the correct procedures has been followed before work is registered with your local authority, your certification of completion will come from your Local Authority.

U-Values - Durabase for light Conservatories U-values of 0.22W/m2k and Durabase Plus for single height Extension and large conservatories 0.18W/m2k.

Call Today for Your No Obligation Free Quotation and learn about the benefits this engineered steel fabricated base can offer you for your next project.

East London: 020 8472 4088 (head office)
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Romford: 01708 202 457

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